Third Trimester

I cannot believe I am now 10 days from my due date. I honestly never thought I’d get here! It seemed so far away, and now, Silas could arrive at any time and be perfectly fine!

After a smooth and easy second trimester, my third was met with some unexpected issues that fortunately have not gotten too out of control….yet. At 28 weeks, I went to a routine OB check-up, which included a blood test to check my glucose levels. I also received a RhoGam injection, since my blood type is O-negative. We listened to baby’s heartbeat, they drew my blood, and then I left. About a week later, a nurse called to tell me that I passed my glucose test (thank goodness), but also told me that my platelets were low (99,000). The normal range for platelets is between 150,000 and 400,000. I had no idea what that meant, so the nurse said that women typically cannot receive an epidural during labor if her platelets are under 100,000. I was referred to a Hematologist.

Of course, I freaked out and was very on edge for several weeks. Luckily, my OB and Hematologist have taken great care of me, and have ensured me that everything will be fine. My blood pressure has stayed normal, and after starting on 10mg of Prednisone, my platelets have slowly risen. As of 5/5, they were at 111,000. I feel much more relaxed, and am not stressed out about this anymore. That is great, because the cut-off for an epidural is 100,000. I’d love to try to labor and deliver drug-free, but I have no idea what to expect, so I want to make sure I will qualify for an epidural if I need relief. Hopefully my numbers will go back to normal once Silas arrives!

We also have a Doula! Her name is Fran, and she is Deborah’s (Tom’s girlfriend) mom. She is a retired Nurse Practitioner and certified Doula, and we are very excited to work with her. I am so grateful that she is willing to be there for us during my labor and delivery.

I feel very relaxed and ready for Silas to make his arrival when the time is right. I am not worrying about my platelets, blood pressure, or anything else. Worrying will not get me anywhere, and there is nothing I can do but trust that everything will work out the way it is supposed to. We cannot wait to meet our son, I cannot believe the time is almost here!

Second Trimester Recap

I cannot believe I am now into my THIRD trimester! The first one dragged on forever, and the second seemed to fly by. I think the most exciting part of the second trimester was finding out that Baby Bohannon is a boy, and feeling him move. He seems to be most active right after I eat breakfast, in the evenings when I lay down for bed and when he hears David’s voice. He loves hearing male voices for some reason–he goes nuts when he hears David and at church since the pastor’s voice is so loud. Last week, the timer on the dryer went off when the clothes finished drying, and he flinched/jumped when it happened! So crazy. Sometimes it looks like he is trying to bust through my skin because he kicks so hard, and sometimes it looks like little rolls/twitches/twists.


It’s a boy! He was too big to fit in the ultrasound screen, so part of his head was cut off.

I feel most of the movements on the right side of my abdomen and around my belly button, but sometimes he switches it up and gives me some kicks to the left side. It is so much fun to watch and feel him move around, and I am so incredibly grateful to experience this. The sickness and intense food aversions wore off between 16-18 weeks, and I finally started to show/feel baby movements at 18 weeks. We cannot wait to meet this little boy!

21 weeks

21 weeks

Best Moments: Finding out we are having a boy, a great anatomy ultrasound scan, feeling baby movements, getting my appetite back!

Workouts: I still work out 4-5 days a week pretty much like I always have. Walking and lifting weights has been great! I have to keep up my strength to lug around all of the baby gear + the baby when he gets here (and starts getting heavier every day).

Symptoms: Minor indigestion, good energy, good sleep despite the 25 bathroom trips during the night, no nausea, constant thirst.


25 weeks

Cravings: Now that my appetite is back, I actually have cravings! They aren’t as strong/intense as I thought they would be, but they are definitely there. Deli sandwiches, fruit sorbet (any flavor), gummy fruit snacks, pretty much all fruit, sushi.

Food aversions: I still do not LOVE most meats (except deli meat). I can eat meats if they are cut up very small and are very well seasoned. Oh, and there has to be some kind of dipping sauce to go with it, haha. A large chicken breast or steak sounds gross to me…too chewy and “gamey”.

Sleep: It is going pretty well. I am still taking one Unisom + half of a vitamin B6 every night. This keeps nausea away, and has worked well for me since I started taking it at 8 weeks.  I tried to stop taking it one night at 23 weeks, and I threw up the entire next day. My doctor said I can continue to take it until I deliver, so I think that is what I am going to do. There is nothing worse than nausea + vomiting! I’d rather take a category A (100% safe) medication instead of throwing up and depriving the baby of nutrients and hydration! Anyway, I have been sleeping pretty well despite the 600 bathroom trips. Sometimes I will wake up around 4 and cannot go back to sleep, but luckily that doesn’t happen all the time.

Looking Forward To: Baby showers and of course meeting him!

Baby Items Purchased: We’ve received a lot of hand-me-downs and some gifts already, which has been so nice. So far we have a crib, dresser, stroller/carseat travel system, baby clothes, rock n play sleeper, boppy pillow, bumbo seat with a tray, glider, bassinet, and I think that’s it so far. I purchased some closet organizational supplies for the nursery, diapers/wipes when I have coupons and stores have a sale, and some adorable little boy clothes in bigger sizes to start stocking up his wardrobe. There is an amazing consignment store called Kid to Kid about 2 minutes from my house that I cannot seem to stop visiting.

Here’s to hoping my third trimester goes as smoothly as my second. We are also praying for a strong, healthy baby boy!





First Trimester Recap

I still cannot believe David and I are going to be parents. This has been something I wanted for a very long time, and it always seemed so far away…and here we are! I am so incredibly thankful to experience this, and pray constantly that everything continues to go smoothly. I am currently 13 weeks and 2 days, which is right at 3 months! 6 more months to go!

My first trimester has not been easy-breezy at all. However, I don’t even care how sick I felt because I was just so grateful to be pregnant, and realized that the unpleasant symptoms are just part of the process. When I first found out I was actually pregnant, I was already 5 weeks along. I had absolutely NO SYMPTOMS. No nausea, no cravings, no exhaustion, NOTHING. I complained to David that I thought this pregnancy was not real because I was not experiencing the typical symptoms. However, the day that I turned 6 weeks along, the sickness officially began. I completely lost my appetite, was extremely nauseous all day long and threw up regularly. I literally could not function from weeks 6-8. I lived off of graham crackers, saltines, gatorade, as well as egg and cheese bagels from Einstein Brothers. Now, every time I think about those bagels, I want to puke. I cannot even look at the restaurant when I drive by it every day.

2 photos of Baby Bohannon at 8 weeks. This is when David started calling him/her "little shrimp".

2 photos of Baby Bohannon at 8 weeks. This is when David started calling him/her “little shrimp”.

I finally called my doctor to ask about possible relief through medicine, and she told me to take 25 mg of Unisom Sleep Tabs and 50 mg of Vitamin B6 in the evenings. She said it is perfectly safe for pregnancy. The combination of the Unisom and B6 is actually the same thing as the prescription drug Diclegis, which is taken for nausea. I did not feel 100% normal while taking this, but it helped me function and keep food down. Starting at about 9 weeks until now (I’m currently 13 weeks and 2 days), the nausea only creeps up on me in the evenings. I still do not have a normal appetite, but am eating pretty good now! My only struggle is making sure I eat enough protein because all meats make me want to puke!

Baby Bohannon at 9 weeks. Look how much bigger he/she got after one week. I had extra ultrasounds due to the small tear in my uterus.

Baby Bohannon at 9 weeks. Look how much bigger he/she got after one week. I had extra ultrasounds due to the small tear in my uterus.

I also had a very small tear on the inside of my uterus that caused some mild spotting, which of course, freaked me out. I did the worst thing possible and googled it, which made me freak out even more. Luckily, the tear was discovered during an ultrasound, and my doctor said it was teeny tiny…she was not concerned at all. I am pretty sure it is resolved, and I am praying that I do not get another one. Despite the tear, the baby has been growing right on track and has a strong heartbeat! At my last ultrasound, he/she was hanging out upside down and was squirming around like crazy. I went to my 13 week appointment, where I thought my doctor would listen to baby’s heartbeat on the fetal doppler. When she came into the room, she said, “let’s just do an ultrasound, those are more fun!” She didn’t give me any photos at 13 weeks because she was really only listening for “fetal tones” as she said. During this unexpected ultrasound, the baby also hiccuped for us! It is absolutely insane that I cannot feel those movements yet…I cannot wait until I do! Watching the baby on the ultrasounds is incredible! David was in AWE when he saw him/her moving around, and also when we saw the heart just beating away. It really looks like a little flicker of light. It is crazy to think just 13 or so weeks ago, this baby was a ball of microscopic cells. Now, it looks like a legit baby that is around 3 inches long. Crazy!

Baby Bohannon at 11 weeks. The head is the big, round circle on the right, and the legs and feet on the left.

Baby Bohannon at 11 weeks. The head is the big, round circle on the right, and the legs and feet on the left.

I have not experienced any strong cravings, but have had some mild ones. I cannot get enough watermelon, pineapple and apples. I also like sliced tomato dipped in hummus. I suppose I like these foods because they are full of water….and it is easy to get dehydrated while pregnant in my case. I really want a sub sandwich from Publix, but deli meat is a no-go. My doctor said deli meat is fine to eat if it is heated until steaming hot, but I am still scared that I will somehow contract Listeria. I also love sushi right now…cooked rolls and veggie rolls only of course. My list of food aversions is massive though. I absolutely cannot even think about eating Chinese food, a large chicken breast (MAYBE if it is cut up very small), steak, pork, garlic, the list goes on!

The nausea and food aversions have really been my only main symptoms. Also, extreme thirst.

I am so excited to be in the last week of my first trimester. The second trimester starts for me on Monday! YAY! I don’t have any “bump” photos because I don’t have one yet…you really cannot tell that I am pregnant as of right now. Hurry up, May! I am ready to meet Baby Bohannon!

Warm Weather Favorites

Happy spring! I am so thrilled that the weather is finally warm….I am not a cold weather person, so spring and summer are most definitely welcome! Here are a few things that I’m loving along with this glorious weather.

Victoria’s Secret swimsuits. I ordered 2 of them on clearance last fall, and I cannot wait to wear them! I also love this one and am considering buying it. Free shipping on swim purchases until Thursday!


The top is sequined! I die.

I bought this Loreal sunscreen recently and love it!


Fabletics workout clothes. Cute and affordable!


Bright nail polish I picked up at CVS yesterday. From left to right–Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Peachy Breeze, Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Dive In and Wet n Wild’s Grape Minds Think Alike.

2015-04-21 13.07.25_resized

This day cream for my face. It is very light and doesn’t have a strong scent.


I am seriously lusting over these shorts!


And this romper.


And this one!


What warm weather items are you loving?

Around The House Survey

Happy Wednesday! I hope everyone is staying warm during this arctic blast that is happening in the southeast U.S. right now. I decided to participate in this around the house survey that has popped up around the blog world lately, so enjoy and feel free to complete it as well.

1. Household chore I actually enjoy

LAUNDRY! I am one of those weird people who LOVES to do laundry. I love doing it, I love folding it and putting it away. Very therapeutic. Laundry products make me way happier than they should. I love the smell of it, and I don’t care what people have to say about laundry and having children. Please don’t tell me “just wait until you have kids, the laundry will never end… blah blah blah” because I don’t care! Laundry is my favorite chore. Dishes on the other hand….least favorite for sure!

These make me way happier than they should...haha

These make me way happier than they should…haha

2. Biggest house disaster

My pots/pans cabinets. They are a hot mess. I cannot figure out a way to get them to all fit in there neatly. Right now, they are just stacked in there randomly, and the lids are all over the place as well.

3. Before company comes, I hide….

Any clutter that accumulates on the kitchen counters such as coupons, receipts, pens, etc. gets stuffed into the “junk drawer”.

4. Most recent music download (what does this have to do with the house?)

Justin Timberlake “Take Back The Night”

5. The last thing I bought online

David’s Christmas presents– I never shop online because I am too cheap to pay shipping, haha. I received free shipping on the Christmas gifts due to cyber Monday deals.

6. I hate to shop for

Nothing, I LOVE to shop (not online though)!

7. Favorite family ritual

Big dinners or beach vacations.


8. I always sleep in

Pajama shorts and a t-shirt. I love Target’s pajamas.


I am a bit obsessed.

9. I have a style crush on

Emily Thorne’s character in Revenge. I NEED all of her clothes.

emily emily2

10. I am currently reading

Nothing right now, any good recommendations?

11. How did I ever live without

Dogs. I never had them growing up. They make life so much more fun and are such loyal companions.

xmas card

Who do you have a style crush on?

Is there a household chore you enjoy?

What’s the last song you downloaded?

Something you can’t live without?

Friday Favorites: Money Saving Edition

Happy Friday everyone! This week flew by, and I’m ready for yet another weekend! What is everyone up to? I thought I’d kick off the weekend by sharing some of my favorite ways that I save money. I LOVE finding a deal and absolutely hate paying full price for anything, so this post will highlight some of my favorite ways to save on great products.


I have never been one to regularly shop at drugstores such as CVS because I always thought they were overpriced compared to grocery stores, but I have found a way around that. CVS is so much fun to wander around, am I right? It is so therapeutic for me to browse the aisles of drugstores. Now I can do this without breaking the bank, hooray! I watched several Youtube videos by Jenny at Southern Savers and have learned how to stack manufacturer coupons and CVS “red machine” store coupons on products that are on sale and print Extra Care “bucks”. Basically, these are rewards that print at the end of your receipt that can be used to purchase more items in the store. I recently paid $10 for two HUGE jars of vitamins and a tube of toothpaste that would have been a shopping trip over $30. Awesome.


I am NOT ashamed to admit the fact that I LOVE shopping at Goodwill. Yes, the store always stinks and sometimes there is a LOT of junk to sift through, but I always find some amazing items. I just examine everything really well before I buy it just to make sure there aren’t stains or rips, and I wash all clothes as soon as I get home with extra scent-boosters (I LOVE the Snuggle scent packs). Good as new.  I recently found a purple Nike dry-fit workout top for $2.92. It would have probably been over $20 at TJMaxx and over $50 at a department store. I buy all of David’s Ralph Lauren polo shirts from there for $5 each, perfect condition. He also has Under Armour workout shirts from there as well. About two years ago, I found a BRAND NEW Columbia men’s winter coat there in David’s size. Those retail for like $200! I paid under $10, and it was brand new. WHY DO PEOPLE PAY FULL PRICE FOR STUFF?!

Here is the Columbia coat I bought for under $10 at Goodwill. It had tags on it.

Here is the Columbia coat I bought for under $10 at Goodwill. It had tags on it.

Cash Back/Rebate phone apps

Ibotta, Checkout 51 and Snap are the ones I use regularly. I just downloaded Saving Star, so we will see how I like that one. These are free apps that allow you to submit grocery receipts and receive cash back on certain products. Ibotta also has rebates for restaurants, movie theatres, travel, etc.  Ibotta and Snap are awesome, and Checkout 51 is kind of mediocre. Once you reach a certain amount, you can “cash out” or trade your savings for various gift cards.  I have already reached $81 with Ibotta and $45 with Checkout 51 since September, so it’s worth checking into. I just started using Snap, so I haven’t quite reached $5 yet, but I love it so far. There are so many items that I already buy on these apps, so why not save a little extra money along the way?


I LOVE this site! There are SO many free samples that you can order from this site, and I order a bunch every few weeks. It really is completely free. Sometimes you have to “like” a certain company on Facebook, and you can opt out of receiving annoying emails. My favorites have been Emergen-C packets, Truvia packets, Yogi tea bags, Twinings tea bags, toothpaste, contact solution, and much more. Some of these samples are pretty generous—like the Twinings. They sent me THREE tea bags, and I was able to choose which flavors I wanted. It is worth checking into because some of these things are the perfect sizes to take on trips, or to just try before buying the full size product in a store. Many of these samples will include a coupon to use as well.

What are your favorite ways to save money?

London Themed Bathroom

Ever since David and I discussed the possibility of moving, I wanted some part of the house to be decorated with a “London” theme. My obsession with the city began when I studied abroad there during the month of January in 2010. It was a life-changing trip, and I am saving my pennies to go back one day with David since he has never been. There is something so magical about London. Luckily, as one peruses the aisles of stores like Target and TJMaxx, London monuments are everywhere! On home décor, on clothes and much more. I love it.


Some of my fellow study abroad friends at the tower of London.

I went back and forth between decorating our entire guest bedroom as a London themed room, but realized I would have to buy a lot of décor. To keep things on the frugal side, I decided on making our downstairs half bathroom the “London bathroom”. It’s funny because that name stuck….we always call it the “London bathroom” instead of the “downstairs bathroom”.

I found the large sparkly telephone booth canvas at Ross for $19.99! It was the only one there, so you better believe I snatched that thing up so fast when I first laid eyes on it. When I got in line to pay, a woman stopped me and asked if there were any more left. She was so bummed when I told her no. Not even five minutes later I was walking through the parking lot, and a woman jumps out of her car to ask where I bought the picture. David told me I should have auctioned it off, haha. It fits perfectly over the toilet now.


Here is the view before walking into the London bathroom.


These photos are terrible, but I don’t have the time to edit them. You can see how the canvas fits perfectly! The wall goes up much higher than the photo shows. Oh and the photo was taken at an angle. I promise the canvas is not crooked.

As for the big wall, I really wanted to print and frame some photos I took while studying in London. I am NOT a photographer, so these are not professional by any means, but I love them because I took them instead of some random person. The flag photo was taken on a random street in London—I wish I wrote down which street it was.

Here is the wall upon entering with the three photos I took while in London.

Here is the wall upon entering with the three photos I took while in London. Should I add more?

I took the Tower of London photo during a rare sun appearance and the photo of Big Ben was taken while at the top of the London Eye. Since the Big Ben photo was taken through glass, you can unfortunately see some smudges and the photo is a bit fuzzy. I may change it out with one of the other 300 photos I have from that trip, but it’s just fine for now. Should I add anything else?

A fuzzy close-up of the three photos.

A fuzzy close-up of the three photos.


Here is a view of all of them.


There is a small portion of wall space to the right of the mirror, but this portion faces the wall with the three photos. It is pretty much right across from where the towel is. Should I put another photo there?

 I bought the super cheap frames from Target for like $4 each. I thought about finding fancier frames, but I didn’t want a nice frame to take away from the beautiful London monuments…and we are talking about a bathroom here, not a living room. There is a small portion of wall space to the right of the sink, directly across from where the towel is, and I haven’t decided if I should place another photo there. What do you guys think? Would it be too much to put another photo there? Should I leave it blank? Or should I find something else London-themed to go there? I am a bad blogger and did not get the appropriate photo of that piece of wall. HELP! I am new at this whole home décor thing!