Best Friend In Town

Good morning everyone!

I’ve worked all morning and decided to take a quick break to blog about the awesome weekend I just had. There is something about a packed weekend that I love, but I equally enjoy the lazy ones as well. This past weekend included a little bit of both, so here goes!

I’m very fortunate to have a job that is flexible. I pretty much make my own schedule and work from home (unless I’m out about in the field covering events or interviewing someone for a story). My best friend since third grade, Christine, planned to come to town since she is about to start back to school in a few weeks. She is an elementary school counselor in Spartanburg, South Carolina. Her parents live in Dunwoody, so she planned to spend some time with them as well as with me, her forever bestie! This gem of a photo is from the 6th grade end of the year party. Such hotties we were.

Below is a photo from my wedding in 2011. We look much less awkward than in the previous photo.


I managed to work a little extra Monday through Thursday so I could have all day Friday to romp around town with Christine and see what Atlanta has to offer. It had been a while since I’d spent a full day in Hotlanta, so I was thrilled!

I said goodbye to David, who had a full 36-hour work weekend ahead of him, hopped in my car and trekked it down I-85 south toward Atlanta. Once I arrived at Christine’s parent’s house, we both jumped in her car and headed to lunch at Twisted Taco and then to Lenox Mall. Our goal for the day was to find Christine some new business-casual work outfits.

Lenox Mall was pure insanity. It was packed FULL of people who must have been back-to-school shopping, and we had to dodge the teenage girls taking selfies with awkward “duck faces”. They were everywhere. I also realized how much of a “melting pot” we live in because I’ve never heard so many different languages around me. It was an interesting experience to say the least.

Anyway, after several amazing outfit purchases for Christine we asked SIRI where the closest Starbucks was and high-tailed it over there to grab an afternoon pick-me-up. A coffee light frap and an ice water was much needed in the 90-degree Georgia heat. I may or may not have slurped down a fourth of Christine’s venti passion tea lemonade as well. 😉8827ce5cfc3a11e28aa822000a1fd52c_5

After our break at Starbucks, I spotted a TJ Maxx, my absolute favorite store ever, a few shopping centers down from where we were. I begged asked Christine if we could go see what deals we could find, and I’m happy to report that we were very successful.

Christine discovered several adorable additions to her work wardrobe, including a Michael Kors skirt that was only $29.99. She was pretty pumped. I walked out with a handful of randomness, like always. TJ Maxx is very similar to Target in that you walk in needing one thing or even nothing, but you always walk out several dollars poorer. I bought coffee (LOVE the random gourmet foods and things at TJ), a bra, car and home air freshener, and a picture frame. Yep.

A few of my random purchases below:
photo (2)

After leaving TJ Maxx, we decided to check out the Atlanta SkyView ferris wheel. We drove downtown and dodged hobos and drag queens (really!) until we found a non-sketchy parking lot a few yards from the ferris wheel.
photo (3)

At first I thought $15 was a rip-off for a ferris wheel, but I heard that it was pretty neat and you can sit in air-conditioned pods during the ride. Upon arrival, we had our bags searched and purchased our tickets. We waited in line for five (!) minutes and were escorted to our own pod. It felt a little claustrophobic at first, but once the cold a/c blasted on my face and Christine began taking an Instagram video of us, it was awesome! We laughed our heads off and enjoyed the views of Centennial Park and the skyscrapers!
photo (4)

photo (6)photo (5)photo (7)

The ride is only supposed to go around four times, but ended up going two extra times. We got a little bit nervous at first because we thought the staff forgot about us, but after the sixth time it finally stopped. I definitely think the Atlanta SkyView is worth the $15, especially if it goes around extra times. We asked the General Manager about that and he said they like to do that sometimes. 🙂 We went around 5:30 p.m. on a Friday, so it must be a good time to go since it wasn’t crowded.

We then dodged more hobos and made our way to my sister-in-law and long time friend Paige’s condo in Decatur (she is married to David’s brother). She hosted us for a wonderful girls night in with pizza, salad, new friends and great conversation. 🙂 Christine and I left and went back to her parent’s house to stay the night.

Please check out the drag queen below:
photo (8)

The next morning, I woke up to Christine’s little dog licking my face. I dragged myself out of bed, said goodbye and drove to Helen, Georgia for tubing on the river with friends! I was sad because David couldn’t go due to work, but I met up with Paige, Daniel (David’s brother), and some new friends Kathryn, Aaron and Tori. It was so much fun. We chit chatted while floating down the river and even fell into the ice cold water a few times. After the 2-hour floating session, I got in my car and drove home to finally see David after over 24 hours.

He and I laid on the couch with the dogs and watched a few episodes of LOST until he had to go to work. I continued laying on the couch after he departed, it was quite lovely!

Sunday was a low-key day that began with church and ended with an evening at the park with the (9)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and has a wonderful week!


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