The Birth of Fabulously Farah!

Welcome to my new blog, Fabulously Farah! I had a different blog for a while now (A New & Lovely Life), but it is time for something new and fresh–I cannot wait to get started.

Please bear with me as I slowly pull this blog together. Things may look a little bland for a while as I figure out what colors, designs, etc. I want to use on here. I’m not the best with technology, so I’m hoping my computer savvy husband will guide me through this until I become an expert!

Anyway, I decided to name this blog “Fabulously Farah” because I typed “adverbs that start with F” into Google and voila! A name! I’m only kidding (maybe)…but I was starting to overthink the whole title thing and wanted something unique, short and pretty broad. I want my blog to cover a little bit of everything going on in my life.

I’m passionate about food and fitness, so I’ll probably post a lot of recipes, pictures of food and workouts. I will write about the occurrences of my everyday life as well, so I think the tagline at the top of this page will describe Fabulously Farah in the best possible way….a collection of thoughts about food, fitness and everything in between!


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