Lately, Weekend Edition

I’ve seen these “lately” posts on so many different blogs, so I figured I’d do my own! I’ve been so busy with work and other various fun/social events, so I figured one post with a recap of happenings would be appropriate. Here goes!

Every August for the past three years, there is an event called the Hero’s Ball in the area that I live in. The Hero’s Ball is a formal event that honors police, fire and EMS as well as benefits the families of wounded and deceased Special Operations Forces Soldiers, thanks to Operation One Voice. It’s an evening of good food, good music and awesome company! There are also awards given, speeches made and a raffle. David and I hung out with the guys that he works with plus their beautiful wives/girlfriends and it was so much fun. We laughed, the guys told way too many dirty jokes, we ate and drank, and just enjoyed each other’s company. It’s always fun to get dressed up for a night.





Saturday morning came a little too quickly after staying up late watching several episodes of our newest Netflix obsession, Jericho, but David and I slowly woke up and got ready for my first mud obstacle course race–Primal Rush. David didn’t participate in this race, he just came for moral support. This was an event I was originally supposed to cover for my job (I’m a newspaper writer), meaning I would simply attend, take photos and not actually participate. As I wrote the promotional story for Primal Rush a few weeks before the actual race day, the more fun it sounded to me. I suggested to my supervisor that I would be willing to participate in the race and write about my experience. She said it was an excellent idea, so I registered! It was an amazing experience despite the fact that I got severely lost on the trail, but that is a story for another time. I will write a separate post about this race, so stay tuned!


We also attended my beautiful Aunt Susan’s wedding celebration this weekend. She and her new husband, Jeff, tied the knot a few weeks ago, so this was their official party to celebrate their marriage. I was in awe the entire night because the scenery around this venue was simply stunning. It took place at the University Yacht Club on Lake Lanier right at sunset, so different hues of orange, red, blue, purple and pink painted the sky around the glistening lake.


The photos don’t do it justice–it was so beautiful. The weather was absolutely perfect too, about 75 degrees with a breeze. Pure perfection. It was so nice to spend time with some of my extended family members, I just wish my parents were there (they are on vacation with some friends). I have to mention that the food was absolutely delicious–especially the pork tenderloin and the chicken cordon bleu bites! We danced the night away to songs like the electric slide and the wobble and didn’t arrive home until almost midnight. Congratulations to my Aunt Susan and new Uncle Jeff!




The weekend fun didn’t end there, though. I had to attend Chateau Elan’s annual Vineyard Fest for work on Sunday, so David and I enjoyed the beautiful 80 degree day at this fine establishment. I even tried the grape stomping, but not for long because I was afraid I’d contract some sort of foot fungus. No worries though, all is well. It was nice to say hello to some of the Chateau Elan employees because I worked there a few years ago for a short while.

photo 1 (7)

The weekend concluded with yardwork for the husband, housework for me and a yummy salmon, sautéed veggie and sweet potato dinner.

I’m ready to start a new week! I’m leaving for a trip to the Big Apple this weekend with my family, I cannot wait!




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