Goodbye, Instagram (For Now)

Yes, it’s true.

I deleted the Instagram app from my iPhone. I didn’t completely de-activate my Instagram account because I don’t want to lose all of my photos and I may come back someday. We’ll see.

There were two major reasons why I decided to do this. One being a pretty understandable reason and the other being sort of silly and petty, but it really frustrated me.

1. Instagram was a huge time waster for me. I’d find myself scrolling through my feed several times a day, especially when I was in the middle of a work-related task. I’d scroll for a few minutes and look through other people’s albums, and before I knew it, 25 minutes would pass. I even found myself keeping up with popular “online celebrities/bloggers” and realized that it is kind of dumb to spend so much time following these people THAT I DON’T EVEN KNOW! I think reading their blogs a few times a week is good enough for me.

2. I am so embarrassed to admit this and debated sharing this, but I became so frustrated about my lack of “likes”. I know, so stupid, right? But it really bothered me. I followed people on Instagram that would post a photo of a blade of grass or a mug of coffee and receive 20+ likes in less than 5 minutes! I DON’T UNDERSTAND! WHAT IS SO COOL ABOUT A BLADE OF GRASS OR A MUG OF COFFEE? Haha. Whenever I posted something, I was lucky to get MAYYYYYBEE 5 likes. And I had over 100 followers. Confusing. I know it shouldn’t bother me, but it did, and I deleted Instagram from my phone. There are more important things to worry about. So far, it’s been nice. Freeing, even.

There you have it. I do want to say that I’m not judging anyone who has and loves Instagram. I really don’t think it’s a bad thing, but it was really starting to have a negative effect on me. These are just my thoughts on a decision that I think is right for me at the moment.


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