Favorite Workout Essentials

I think these “favorites” posts are the most fun to read and blog about. Favorite foods, favorite beauty supplies, favorite books, etc. You can really learn a lot from them! I thought I’d compile a list of my favorite workout essentials aka I pretty much have to have these things or else the workout is pretty much going to be blah. Enjoy!

1. Rockin’ music. I absolutely cannot exercise without music. I know, first world problems, right? But seriously, the music is a serious motivator. I like anything from pop to rock to random Enya songs. I also am a huge fan of Pitbull. Not so much him as a person, but his music. It is amazing for workouts! Check out this post for a list of some of my current favorites.

photo (1)


2. Headphones. Duh.



3. Fitness Essentials workout gloves. I have never been one to wear these, but since I started lifting weights, I’ve noticed that my hands were starting to get calluses. To avoid manly hands, I purchased these at TJ Maxx for about $5, and I love them. My grip on the weights is much stronger, and I can lift heavier without causing extreme pain to my scrawny hands (my engagement and wedding rings are a size 3 1/2 to give you an idea of how small they are).



4. My Nike’s. I purchased these at Kohl’s a few months ago with a gift card plus a coupon and only paid a few dollars out of pocket for them. They are so comfortable and are perfect for lifting weights, running, walking, zumba, and hiking. I love the hot pink too!



5. Sock bun. This has been life-changing for me. My hair stays out of the way and it doesn’t start sliding out of the hair tie in the middle of my workout. I was skeptical about this at first since I do not have a knack for styling my own hair, but it is seriously fool proof.

photo (16)


6. Bright, colorful tops. Because we all need a little color in our lives, right?! Love that rainbow!



7. Insport black leggings. I found these at Ross a few years ago for under $10 on the clearance rack. I wear these all the time. They are the best workout pants I’ve ever owned. They don’t ride up and aren’t see through. I tried looking them up online, but no luck. Ross and TJ Maxx are the best places to find good deals on high quality workout gear!



8. The super cheap ankle socks from Target. Does everyone know what I’m referring to? Target sells these in all sorts of fun prints and colors, and they usually go on sale for under $1. That’s when I stock up! They are the perfect length for workouts and never slide down into my shoes (that is the worst feeling ever).



9. Peanut butter on toast. This is my perfect pre or post workout fuel. Sometimes I add a little honey, jelly, or chocolate chips if I’m feeling crazy.



10. This guy. He taught me everything I know about gettin’ buff!



What are your favorite workout essentials?


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