Welcome Home Caleb Igor

David’s father (Tom) and his wife, Melissa, have officially arrived home with one of their two new sons from Ukraine–Caleb Igor. Simon Nazar, the other boy they will adopt, will arrive home in October. Both boys spent two separate Christmases with Tom and Melissa (Simon Nazar in 2011 and Caleb Igor in 2012) on a hosting program, and after lots of prayer and Skype calls from halfway around the globe, it was decided that both boys belonged right here in Georgia.


Simon Nazar Christmas 2011


Caleb Igor Christmas 2012

Everyone is so excited that Caleb is here! This young man is probably one of the sweetest, happiest, people I’ve ever met. He grew up in an orphanage in a rural part of Ukraine (a pretty good one, though, with nurturing caregivers…very rare for Ukraine) which is something you and I will never know the ins and outs of. Yet he still always has a smile on his face. I’m just glad he is here and finally has a family to call his own!


You are loved, Caleb!


Now that Caleb is home, it is Simon Nazar’s turn to make the journey in October. I am actually going to Ukraine with Melissa to get Simon, so I’ll be sure to blog about the experience.



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