My Nightly Facial Skin Care Routine

My friend Allison, who blogs over at All That Glitters recently shared her nightly facial skin care routine. I find this type of thing fascinating and I always learn a lot from these posts about new products I may want to use on myself. If you are interested in beauty products, definitely check out her blog because she knows her stuff!

I thought I’d share my current nighttime facial skin care routine. I will say that I do switch up my products from time to time because I like to try new things. I tend to get sick of a product by the time I run out of it and am ready for something else. Here goes!

First of all, I always wash my hands before caring for my face to avoid bacteria. Allison mentions this in her nightly facial skin care post too.

If I happen to be wearing makeup (most days I go without), I like using these makeup remover towelettes. Right now I have the generic Target brand, but I’ve tried the Neutrogena, YES! To Cucumbers, Burt’s Bees, and a few other generic brands and like them all. They smell fresh and do an excellent job removing all of the makeup from my face, even my eye makeup. The towelettes are actually very gentle around the eyes, so I don’t have to worry about stinging.


This next thing is sort of a bonus step, I just thought I’d share my experience with it. I recently acquired this Clinique “Take The Day Off” makeup remover for “lids, lashes, and lips” that works really well. I just pour a little bit onto a cotton round and rub it around on my eyes, and it takes everything right off. I personally only use this on my eyes because it seems like it does a better job taking off harder to remove makeup like mascara. I don’t purchase this regularly, my friend Christine gave it to me when we cleaned out her bedroom, so I thought I’d give it a try. Thanks Christine!


After removing any makeup from my face, I wash it with some sort of face wash. Lately I’ve been using this Burt’s Bees Deep Pore Scrub, and I must say that I love it. I think this is my favorite face wash I’ve ever used, but there are so many more out there that I still want to try. I have used this product before and go back for it every few months–I love Burt’s Bees because everything is so gentle, natural, and it really works. This product contains exfoliating beads, and it has made my skin look and feel great. I highly recommend this!


After I dry my face by lightly dabbing it with a towel (One time, I heard at a Mary Kay party that drying your face roughly with a towel is very bad for your skin), I add moisturizer. Lately I’ve been using this Alba facial moisturizer and I love it. It smells like summer time and makes my normally very dry skin soft and smooth. I still have a lot left in the container, so it looks like it will last me through winter time when my skin tends to become SEVERELY dry. We’ll see how it works. I think the summery smell will help me endure winter!


I also like to use organic, virgin, and unrefined coconut oil as a moisturizer as well. Smells and feels amazing, it’s just a little bit greasy. Pick some up for a good price at Trader Joe’s.


This isn’t really part of my skin care routine, but I do swear by this contact solution and want to share my thoughts about it. I’ve always used generic contact solution, but I recently tried this Opti-Free brand and LOVE it. I always had problems with contacts stinging when I tried to put them in for the day, which would make me late. This is so frustrating. Ever since I started using Opti-Free, my contacts go in so easily and my eyes feel great. I have had no stinging issues! Hallelujah!



After my face is moisturized and my contacts are out, I rub this Burt’s Bees (can you tell I LOVE Burt’s Bees?) night cream on my eyes. I’m not really sure if this is actually working, but I like to think that it is, ha!


What is your nightly facial skin care routine? Care to share any great products?


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