Summer 2014 Bucket List


Hiking last summer at Table Rock Trail, SC.

Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I love hot weather, afternoon thunderstorms, beach/pool/lake days, the super long hours of daylight, the smell of sunscreen, fresh produce, cookouts, and much more. I feel like summer always goes by so fast and slips between my fingers (how is it already mid June?), so I decided to come up with a fun little “Summer Bucket List” to ensure we make lots of memories.

1. Lots of pool days. David and I are members of our local YMCA. It has a huge pool which I want to use a lot this summer to keep my tan that I acquired on vacation during the last week of May. We have already been a few times and I cannot wait to go back. We didn’t get to go much last summer since it rained every single day.

2. Hiking trips in the mountains. We only live between 1-3 hours from the mountains, so it is so convenient to just pack up and head north. There are a lot of great hiking spots that I’d love to hit this summer–Blood Mountain, Grandfather Mountain, etc. Hiking is great because it is inexpensive, fun and great exercise. It is dog friendly too!

3. Beach! I’ve always been a beach lover. I used to cry when my family packed up to go home from a week at the beach when I was younger. There is something so special about the ocean and the sand. I’ve already been to a few beaches this summer and cannot wait to smell the salty air some more. I could stay out on the beach from sunrise to sunset. We are headed to the Georgia coast at the end of August and we are thinking about going to Destin for a long weekend of scuba (we may wait until September). We dove in Panama City last summer and it was so much fun!

4. Lake Jocassee. This is a fun lake in South Carolina that has all sorts of scuba diving opportunities. It is NOTHING like diving in the ocean or Caribbean Sea, but it is still very fun. It’s surrounded by mountains which is a plus! You can go as deep as 100 feet and see all sorts of props that are sunken at the bottom–an airplane, basketball hoop, boats, poker chips, bowling balls, etc. There are fish and turtles that come out to play as well. There are certain areas that are pretty clear, but some that are murky with about 5 feet of visibility. Two summers ago, we hopped on a boat with a dive shop crew from somewhere in South Carolina and dove with them. I remember they had free homemade ice cream and corn dogs! It was such a fun time, so I want to do it again!

5. Cookouts with friends and family. I love hosting, and summer is the perfect time to do it. It doesn’t get dark until after 9:00!

6. Spend a day at Six Flags or Lake Lanier Beach and Waterpark. I haven’t been to either one of these in YEARS! I could probably only stand one day at each….I’m not sure I could handle the clientele for more than a day, haha.

7. Date nights in Athens. These are my favorite casual date nights in the summer. We love to eat at Jason’s Deli (because of the free froyo, duh) outside on their patio, get coffees at Starbucks or Jittery Joes, and then take the dogs for a walk around downtown Athens and UGA’s campus. This is so much fun to do when the weather is warm.

8. Spend a day in Greenville with Christine and John. Greenville is an amazing city and it’s (kind of) halfway between our two cities! We can spend the day walking around the city and lounging at Falls Park.

Here’s to a fun rest of the summer! I hope it doesn’t fly by!


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