London Themed Bathroom

Ever since David and I discussed the possibility of moving, I wanted some part of the house to be decorated with a “London” theme. My obsession with the city began when I studied abroad there during the month of January in 2010. It was a life-changing trip, and I am saving my pennies to go back one day with David since he has never been. There is something so magical about London. Luckily, as one peruses the aisles of stores like Target and TJMaxx, London monuments are everywhere! On home décor, on clothes and much more. I love it.


Some of my fellow study abroad friends at the tower of London.

I went back and forth between decorating our entire guest bedroom as a London themed room, but realized I would have to buy a lot of décor. To keep things on the frugal side, I decided on making our downstairs half bathroom the “London bathroom”. It’s funny because that name stuck….we always call it the “London bathroom” instead of the “downstairs bathroom”.

I found the large sparkly telephone booth canvas at Ross for $19.99! It was the only one there, so you better believe I snatched that thing up so fast when I first laid eyes on it. When I got in line to pay, a woman stopped me and asked if there were any more left. She was so bummed when I told her no. Not even five minutes later I was walking through the parking lot, and a woman jumps out of her car to ask where I bought the picture. David told me I should have auctioned it off, haha. It fits perfectly over the toilet now.


Here is the view before walking into the London bathroom.


These photos are terrible, but I don’t have the time to edit them. You can see how the canvas fits perfectly! The wall goes up much higher than the photo shows. Oh and the photo was taken at an angle. I promise the canvas is not crooked.

As for the big wall, I really wanted to print and frame some photos I took while studying in London. I am NOT a photographer, so these are not professional by any means, but I love them because I took them instead of some random person. The flag photo was taken on a random street in London—I wish I wrote down which street it was.

Here is the wall upon entering with the three photos I took while in London.

Here is the wall upon entering with the three photos I took while in London. Should I add more?

I took the Tower of London photo during a rare sun appearance and the photo of Big Ben was taken while at the top of the London Eye. Since the Big Ben photo was taken through glass, you can unfortunately see some smudges and the photo is a bit fuzzy. I may change it out with one of the other 300 photos I have from that trip, but it’s just fine for now. Should I add anything else?

A fuzzy close-up of the three photos.

A fuzzy close-up of the three photos.


Here is a view of all of them.


There is a small portion of wall space to the right of the mirror, but this portion faces the wall with the three photos. It is pretty much right across from where the towel is. Should I put another photo there?

 I bought the super cheap frames from Target for like $4 each. I thought about finding fancier frames, but I didn’t want a nice frame to take away from the beautiful London monuments…and we are talking about a bathroom here, not a living room. There is a small portion of wall space to the right of the sink, directly across from where the towel is, and I haven’t decided if I should place another photo there. What do you guys think? Would it be too much to put another photo there? Should I leave it blank? Or should I find something else London-themed to go there? I am a bad blogger and did not get the appropriate photo of that piece of wall. HELP! I am new at this whole home décor thing!


One thought on “London Themed Bathroom

  1. So cute already! My opinion on your question is yes, add more. That wall may be small but it looks big with the small photos. I would put a bigger rectangular art vertically under the middle picture, or add more of the same size until it feels balanced.

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