Second Trimester Recap

I cannot believe I am now into my THIRD trimester! The first one dragged on forever, and the second seemed to fly by. I think the most exciting part of the second trimester was finding out that Baby Bohannon is a boy, and feeling him move. He seems to be most active right after I eat breakfast, in the evenings when I lay down for bed and when he hears David’s voice. He loves hearing male voices for some reason–he goes nuts when he hears David and at church since the pastor’s voice is so loud. Last week, the timer on the dryer went off when the clothes finished drying, and he flinched/jumped when it happened! So crazy. Sometimes it looks like he is trying to bust through my skin because he kicks so hard, and sometimes it looks like little rolls/twitches/twists.


It’s a boy! He was too big to fit in the ultrasound screen, so part of his head was cut off.

I feel most of the movements on the right side of my abdomen and around my belly button, but sometimes he switches it up and gives me some kicks to the left side. It is so much fun to watch and feel him move around, and I am so incredibly grateful to experience this. The sickness and intense food aversions wore off between 16-18 weeks, and I finally started to show/feel baby movements at 18 weeks. We cannot wait to meet this little boy!

21 weeks

21 weeks

Best Moments: Finding out we are having a boy, a great anatomy ultrasound scan, feeling baby movements, getting my appetite back!

Workouts: I still work out 4-5 days a week pretty much like I always have. Walking and lifting weights has been great! I have to keep up my strength to lug around all of the baby gear + the baby when he gets here (and starts getting heavier every day).

Symptoms: Minor indigestion, good energy, good sleep despite the 25 bathroom trips during the night, no nausea, constant thirst.


25 weeks

Cravings: Now that my appetite is back, I actually have cravings! They aren’t as strong/intense as I thought they would be, but they are definitely there. Deli sandwiches, fruit sorbet (any flavor), gummy fruit snacks, pretty much all fruit, sushi.

Food aversions: I still do not LOVE most meats (except deli meat). I can eat meats if they are cut up very small and are very well seasoned. Oh, and there has to be some kind of dipping sauce to go with it, haha. A large chicken breast or steak sounds gross to me…too chewy and “gamey”.

Sleep: It is going pretty well. I am still taking one Unisom + half of a vitamin B6 every night. This keeps nausea away, and has worked well for me since I started taking it at 8 weeks.  I tried to stop taking it one night at 23 weeks, and I threw up the entire next day. My doctor said I can continue to take it until I deliver, so I think that is what I am going to do. There is nothing worse than nausea + vomiting! I’d rather take a category A (100% safe) medication instead of throwing up and depriving the baby of nutrients and hydration! Anyway, I have been sleeping pretty well despite the 600 bathroom trips. Sometimes I will wake up around 4 and cannot go back to sleep, but luckily that doesn’t happen all the time.

Looking Forward To: Baby showers and of course meeting him!

Baby Items Purchased: We’ve received a lot of hand-me-downs and some gifts already, which has been so nice. So far we have a crib, dresser, stroller/carseat travel system, baby clothes, rock n play sleeper, boppy pillow, bumbo seat with a tray, glider, bassinet, and I think that’s it so far. I purchased some closet organizational supplies for the nursery, diapers/wipes when I have coupons and stores have a sale, and some adorable little boy clothes in bigger sizes to start stocking up his wardrobe. There is an amazing consignment store called Kid to Kid about 2 minutes from my house that I cannot seem to stop visiting.

Here’s to hoping my third trimester goes as smoothly as my second. We are also praying for a strong, healthy baby boy!